System Topology

For workstation systems, a topological view of the system is available to let you quickly check the status of your particular graphics environment.  The topological view shows the hierarchical relationship between the graphics cards and the displays.

Accessing the View System Topology Page

To view your system topology, from the NVIDIA Control Panel Select a Task pane, under Workstation, click View system topology.

Using the View System Topology Page

  • When you click the [+] icon for a product in the System topology column, that branch expands to show the status of all the features related to that product.

  • Some information in the Settings column are also links to the appropriate NVIDIA Control Panel page for adjusting or changing the setting.

  • Click the More icon located at the far right of the page to expand the branch further for additional information about the product.

  • For some product or display icons you can right-click the icon to access a context menu for additional controls.  

What the View System Topology Shows

The View System Topology page provides the following information:

  • GPU and Product Information, such as

  • The name of the NVIDIA graphics product

  • Whether SLI technology is enabled, and the type of SLI technology used; for example, SLI, 3-way SLI, Quad SLI, or SLI Mosaic

  • Connected state of the graphics card connectors

  • Whether SLI Mosaic mode is enabled

  • The type of host interface card (HIC) installed for Quadro Plex units, if any

  • The ECC state for supported GPUs (appears after clicking the more icon)

  • Other GPU information such as temperature, memory, clock speeds, and video BIOS version (appears after clicking the More icon)

  • Display Information, such as

  • Display name

  • Resolution and refresh rate

  • EDID management state (see EDID_Management)

  • Frame Synchronization Status

See View Frame Sync Status for a description of the information available with frame-sync capable NVIDIA graphics products.

  • Serial Digital Interface (SDI) Status  

  • See View SDI Status for a description of the information available with NVIDIA Quadro FX SDI cards, and SDI_Input for a description of information available with NVIDIA Quadro SDI Capture cards.



System Topology