Reference: SDI Input

The View System Topology page provides a tree view of the status of the displays and graphics cards in your system. It shows all the displays in your system and provides SDI-input status information for each display as well as connection status information for the NVIDIA Quadro FX SDI cards.

Viewing the SDI Input Status

The SDI Input branch appears under the corresponding Quadro FX SDI board branch. When you click the SDI Input [+] icon, the SDI Input branch expands to show the following:

  • Status of each SDI signal input, including

  • Signal channel

  • Signal format

  • If no signal is detected (gray icon)

  • If an invalid signal is detected (steady green icon)

  • If a valid signal is detected (blinking green icon)

  • Any warnings applicable to the SDI signal

  • Click the More icon to show the following additional details:

  • Sync output format

  • Controlling application (if SDI is under application control)

  • Firmware version   


See also System Topology.

Reference: Viewing SDI Input