Recommended Operating Practices

This section provides some basic operating practices to follow in order to obtain the best SDI performance for your application.

Initial On-Air Broadcast Sequence

When starting a live broadcast of SDI video, follow the sequence below to ensure proper allocation of system resources and to prevent visual disturbances in the on-air broadcast.

  1. Set up the SDI format settings and start the SDI output.

  2. Start the application to be broadcast.

  3. Verify the video quality.

  4. Close the Graphics to SDI control panel.

  5. Go on air.

  6. To avoid visual disturbances while broadcasting live, DO NOT

    • Start or stop the graphics or video application

    • Turn on or off the SDI output

    • Make changes to the SDI signal format

When Changing Applications

To avoid visual disturbances while switching applications, observe the following sequence:

  1. Stop the live broadcast (go off air).

  2. Stop the application.

  3. Start the new application.

  4. Verify video quality.

  5. Resume the live broadcast.

When Changing Video Formats

When changing any of the SDI settings, visual disturbances might occur as the video resets to the new settings. To prevent such disturbances from being visible to the public or from being recorded, observe the following sequence when making changes to any SDI setting:

  1. Stop the live broadcast (go off air).

  2. Change video format or SDI settings.

  3. Verify video quality.

  4. Resume the live broadcast.

When Using the Control Panel

NVIDIA recommends the following -

  • Set the desktop to the same or higher resolution than the SDI output for better image quality.

  • Close all background applications&emdash;such as virus scan, backup, and archiving applications&emdash;before starting the SDI output and going on air.

  • Close the Display Properties panel before going on air.

  • When running multiple OpenGL applications, tearing may occur if the applications are not synchronized.

  • In general, NVIDIA does not recommend running multiple OpenGL applications when starting the SDI output or when going live.

Do Not Run Multiple OpenGL Applications

To maximize the system resources and bandwidth available for converting graphics to SDI output, NVIDIA recommends broadcasting only one OpenGL application at a time.


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