Manage EDID

The Manage EDID dialog lets you

  • View the connector information.

  • Get an EDID from a connected display and save it to disk.

  • Force an EDID at a connector

  • Remove a forced EDID from a connector

Connector information

This section provides the following information:

  • Graphics card name

  • Connector type

  • Display name (if connected), and whether the display is active or inactive

  • EDID status, such as if the display or monitor EDID is used, if the EDID is forced, or if no display is connected  

Export EDID

Export EDID opens the Save dialog that you can use to save the display’s EDID in a file.

Unload EDID

Unload EDID starts unloading or removing the EDID from the display connection.


  • Connector type lists types of video signals. Choose the one associated with your graphics card connector and to which your EDID will be applied.

  • Load EDID opens the Choose File dialog where you can browse and select a file containing the EDID information that you want to apply to the connector. A filename with any file extension is supported, as long as the contents conform to the VESA EDID data format.

When an EDID is loaded, or forced, the driver treats the connection as a physically connected display, even if no display is connected.


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Manage EDID