To force an EDID at a display connection

  1. From the NVIDIA Control Panel Select a Task pane, under Workstation, click View system topology.

  2. Locate the Quadro FX card with the connector on which you want to force a specific EDID, then click the corresponding Quadro FX [+] icon to expand the branch.

  3. Locate the connector type, then click Manage EDID to open the Manage EDID dialog.   

  4. Under Load EDID, click the Connector type arrow and then select the connector type that corresponds to the display to which you want to apply the EDID.

  5. Click Load EDID to open the Choose File dialog, and then browse and select a file containing the EDID information that you want to load.

  6. The filename can have any extension but the contents must conform to the VESA EDID data format.

  7. At the Manage EDID dialog, click OK.

  8. The EDID is now forced at that connector.

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