Change ECC State

The Change ECC State page lets you:

  • Change the Error Correction Code (ECC) state for GPUs.

  • View GPU memory details.

Set the ECC state for your GPUs

This table shows the ECC state for each GPU that supports ECC.

GPU Column: Shows the GPUs in the system, and also indicates whether they are part of a Quadro Plex system or part of an SLI group.

ECC Column: Check boxes appear for GPUs that support ECC, and show the ECC state.

  • SLI or Multi-GPU groups can have a check box, which serves as the master control for all the GPUs within the group.  In other words, all GPUs within an SLI or Multi-GPU group must bet set to the same ECC state.

  • Grayed-out boxes indicate ECC states that cannot be changed because either the GPU itself cannot have ECC disabled, or the GPU is part of an SLI group.

GPU memory details

  • Under Windows XP, this section shows the amount of dedicated video memory.

  • Under Windows Vista and later, this section shows the total available graphics memory, the dedicated video memory, the system video memory, and the shared system memory.  


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