Adjust Video Colour Settings

Use the controls on this page to fine tune the colour settings for video content on your display. Select one of the test images to monitor your changes. For best results, play a video while you make adjustment to view the changes as they happen.

NVIDIA note Adjust Video Colour SettingsNote: If you click the Use the video player settings radio button, the NVIDIA settings are disabled so that you can control the video image through your video player.


Brightness: Refers to the brightness of your video image.

Contrast: Refers to the difference between the lightest and darkest parts of the video image.  

Hue: Refers to the hue of the video image.

Saturation: Refers to the colour level of your video image.


Refers to the brightness of mid-tones without affecting shadows and highlights.  

Adjust overall gamma: Selecting this radio button allows you to adjust the overall gamma with a single control.

Adjust RGB channels: Selecting this radio button allows you to adjust the gamma for each red, green, or blue colour channel individually.


Dynamic range: You can select the dynamic range (16 to 235 or 0-255) of the video content to preserve black detail and white peaks based on the type of content being viewed.

Dynamic contrast enhancement: Dynamic contrast enhancement dynamically adjusts the brightness in movies and video to provide a better contrast on a scene by scene basis. This feature is applied on top of the manual brightness and contrast settings, which may need to be adjusted to achieve optimum benefit.

Colour enhancement: Colour enhancement adjusts blue, green, and skin tones in movies and video to provide a more vibrant picture.


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Adjust Video Colour Settings