Screen Resolution

Driver Handling of Connected Displays on Desktop Computers (Windows Vista only)

When you connect a digital display to your computer while it is on – an action also known as hot-plugging – the driver detects the display and then configures the multi-display mode and display resolution based on the recent record of the displays connected. If no record exists, then the driver applies default settings. A popup message appears at the system notification tray alerting you of the change, giving you the opportunity to change the settings. This also applies if you disconnect, or hot-unplug, a display.

The automatic display configuration also occurs after you turn on your computer and boot into Windows Vista if the driver detects a change in display connections since the last Windows session.

Change Resolution Controls

Using the Change Resolution controls, you can change the colour setting, reduce screen flickering, or adjust the amount of information appearing on your display.

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See also Custom Resolution for information about creating custom resolution.

Screen Resolution