Display Configuration

Driver Handling of Connected Displays – Desktop computers (Windows Vista Only)

When you connect a digital display to your computer while it is on – an action also known as hot-plugging – the driver detects the display and then configures the multi-display mode and display resolution based on the recent record of the displays connected. If no record exists, then the driver applies default settings. A popup message appears at the system notification tray alerting you of the change, giving you the opportunity to change the settings. This also applies if you disconnect, or hot-unplug, a display.

The automatic display configuration also occurs after you turn on your computer and boot into Windows Vista if the driver detects a change in display connections since the last Windows session.

Multiple Display Configuration

nView display modes enable you to view your desktop in one of several multi-display modes to make the best use of the displays (monitors) that are connected to your computer:

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Display Configuration