NVIDIA note Resize my desktop   Windows Vista and laterNote: You can resize the desktop for supported displays. Refer to the table in Adjust Desktop Size and Position-Windows Vista and Later for the list of supported display types. The resize controls will not appear for non-supported display types.

To resize my desktop – Windows Vista and later

  1. From the NVIDIA Control Panel navigation tree pane, under Display, click Adjust Desktop Size and Position to open the page.

  2. Click the Size tab.

  3. Click the link under step 1 for help finding the correct settings using your display hardware, such as your monitor or HDTV.

  4. NVIDIA recommends following the instructions in Resizing your desktop to fit the screen first. If the display still does not fill your screen or if part of it is still cut off, then you may need to resize the display using the NVIDIA Control Panel Resize controls as follows:

  5. Click the Enable desktop resizing check box under step 2, then click Resize.

  6. Move the sliders in the Resize window to adjust the size of your desktop until you get the desired result, then click OK.

The new resolution is applied and added to the list of resolutions for this display in the Change Resolutions page. Resized resolutions and the corresponding refresh rate are identified with an asterisk (*).  You must select both the resized resolution as well as the refresh rate in order to resize the desktop.

The resolution is also added to the resolution list within some games or programs where you can select it the next time you play the game. If the new resolution is not listed in the game and you want to apply resizing, then you must select both the resized resolution as well as the refresh rate from the Change Resolutions page.


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Resize my desktop – Windows Vista and later