About this help

This help system is designed to help you get started using the NVIDIA Control Panel application. It contains overview information and procedural steps for performing common tasks and configuring your NVIDIA hardware. The procedures describe how to use the NVIDIA Control Panel by using the menu commands and navigating through the interface. However, you can also perform many common tasks by using shortcut keys and buttons within the user interface.

This documentation contains the following sections:

  • Getting Started. Provides introductory information about the NVIDIA Control Panel. This section includes an explanation of important concepts, system requirements, and a list of shortcut keys available in the NVIDIA Control Panel application.

  • Understanding the NVIDIA Control Panel. Describes the different elements in the NVIDIA Control Panel user interface.

  • Help for specific NVIDIA Control Panel Modules

  • The Table of Contents shows other modules for which Help is available, such as Display, Video, 3D Settings, Workstation, Mobile, and Stereoscopic 3D.

    NVIDIA note About this helpNOTE: Some sections and features described in this help apply only with certain hardware or software configurations. For example, the Workstation section applies only if you have a Quadro card installed, the Mobile section applies only to notebooks, and NVIDIA Optimus applies only to notebooks. Refer to the relevant help sections for more information on specific applications and requirements.

About this help