Surround FAQ

What displays and projectors are supported by NVIDIA Surround?

NVIDIA Surround works with the following display types:

  • Digital displays, such as DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort

  • VGA projectors

HDMI and DisplayPort audio is also supported.

Display types can be mixed. Refer to the NVIDIA website for the list of specific displays and projectors supported by NVIDIA Surround.

While using three displays for Surround, can I use other displays for non-Surround purposes?

Yes. You must reserve a GPU to drive any non-Surround displays. For this you cannot use a display that is connected to a Surround-dedicated GPU, even if there is an available connector. Run the wizard and at the appropriate screen, select “Reserve one card for additional displays, PhysX”.

What happens if I remove or switch a Surround display while playing a game?

NVIDIA recommends exiting the game before removing or switching out a Surround display. Removing a Surround display while playing a game could cause the game to crash.

What types of content can I view with NVIDIA Surround?

You can view the desktop as well as full-screen games and most videos with Surround.

There are some restrictions with playback of HDCP DRM-restricted content:

  • To view content using the PVP-OPM protocol, all three displays must use identical connector types.

  • To view content using COPP, you must first switch to single-display viewing.


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