Set Multi-GPU Configuration (reference)

The Set Multi-GPU Configuration page is available if your system has two or more NVIDIA-based GPUs in a non-SLI platform. Multi-GPU mode provides improved performance for your Direct3D and OpenGL applications.

Select the multi-GPU configuration

  • Disable multi-GPU mode: This option causes all GPUs to run independently and lets you drive multiple displays on each GPU.

  • Span display with Surround: This option lets you combine multiple displays to act as one larger display to allow a panoramic view of full-screen games or your desktop.

  • Maximise 3D performance: This option, where possible, causes the GPUs to work together to increase rendering performance of 3D applications.

  • Activate all displays: This option enables all available displays. If possible, multi-GPU rendering may still be enabled.

GPU Configuration Visualiser

The GPU configuration visualiser shows the system configuration for the current selected options. The selections do not go into effect until you click Apply. The visualiser shows:

  • GPUs in the system

  • Enabled and disabled connectors

  • For notebook PCs, the connectors shown may not match your hardware – for example, if you are using a docking station, then the connector on the docking station may not be indicated in the visualiser.

  • Active and inactive displays connected

  • Multi-GPU configuration

  • The multi-GPU bar under the GPUs points to the GPUs that are working together to increase rendering performance.


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